May Guo, Ph.D., FGSA

Associate Professor

May Guo CV

Dr. Guo's work addresses the intersection between immigration and aging, examining the well-being of older immigrants in the changing family and neighborhood contexts. Her work covers a broad range of topics including acculturation, family norms, social support, coping, resilience, and cognitive and mental health among older immigrants.

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Research Interests

Minority aging, immigration, social determinants of health
Mental and cognitive health in later life
Cross-cultural and comparative studies

Recent Publications

Guo, M., Wang, Y., Liu, J.Y. & Dong, X.Q. (2022) Ethnic enclaves, social capital, and psychological well-being of immigrants: The case of Chinese older immigrants in Chicago. Aging and Mental Health

Wang, Y., Guo, M. Liu, J.Y., Carter, K., & Dong, X.Q. (2022) Neighborhood environment and depressive symptoms among Chinese Older Immigrants in the U.S.: The mediation effect of intrapersonal and interpersonal coping resources. The Gerontologist, 62(9), 1278-1288

Guo, M., Wang, Y., Xu, H.Z., Li, M.T., & Dong, X.Q. (2022) Is living in an ethnic enclave associated with better cognitive function? Results from The Population Study of Chinese Elderly in Chicago. The Gerontologist, 62(5), 662-673

Guo, M., Wang, Y., Liu, J.Y., Stensland, M., & Dong, X.Q. (2022). Coping repertoires and psychological well-being of Chinese older immigrants in the United State. Aging & Mental Health, 26(7), 1385-1394

Guo, M., Lemke, A., & Dong, X.Q. (2022). Sources of intergenerational conflict in Chinese immigrant families in the United States. Journal of Family Issues, 43(17), 2275-2294

Teaching Areas

Research; gerontology


Research areas
  • Aging, Longevity, and End of Life
  • Health, Mental Health, and Disability
May Guo
Ph.D., University of Southern California School of Social Work, 2011
M.S., Department of Social Work & Social Administration, University of Hong Kong, 2005
B.S., School of Labor Relations & Human Resources, Renmin University of China, 2003
Contact Information

203 North Hall (NH)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States