Gerontological Society of America Program of Merit

The undergraduate Certificate in Aging and Longevity Studies requires 18 s.h. of study. Students must maintain a minimum g.p.a. of 2.00 or higher in the 18 s.h. of coursework required for the certificate.

University of Iowa undergraduate students who are not concurrently enrolled in a UI graduate or professional degree program may apply for admission to the certificate program.

Undergraduate students may earn the undergraduate certificate or the minor in aging and longevity studies, but not both.

The Certificate in Aging and Longevity Studies takes a multidisciplinary approach to gerontology. Its coursework has been coordinated and sequenced to provide a broad background in aging for students from varied disciplines. Students should speak with the aging and longevity studies coordinator about their intent to earn the certificate and declare the certificate program in MyUI. They work with their academic advisors and the coordinator to develop an individual plan of study that complements their degree program and career interests.

For more specific information on courses, curriculum, and requirements of the Certificate in Aging and Longevity Studies, visit the UI General Catalog.

We also offer a Graduate Certificate in Aging and Longevity Studies, an undergraduate minor in Aging and Longevity Studies, and a Master of Social Work specialty (field of practice) in Gerontology.

Eligibility and Enrollment

The Aging and Longevity Studies Program is open to all UI undergraduate and graduate students in good standing. Individuals who have completed an undergraduate degree at any accredited university in the US can earn a Certificate in Aging and Longevity Studies, as can people who have not earned a college degree but have successfully completed high school. It is strongly encouraged—especially for persons who do not have a college degree—that individuals who wish to pursue the certificate complete ASP:1800 - Aging Matters: Introduction to Gerontology before taking other aging-related classes.

To enroll, please complete an enrollment form (requires a HawkID) AND when you register for classes, indicate in MyUI that you are working toward a certificate or a minor in aging studies. If you do not have a HawkID, please contact the ALSP Program Coordinator below.

For more information, please contact the Aging and Longevity Studies Program Coordinator:

Nadia Sabbagh Steinberg, Ph.D.
Aging and Longevity Studies Program Coordinator, Lecturer
308 North Hall (NH)

Iowa Aging Summit

The Iowa Aging Summit was presented in September 2020 by the University of Iowa Aging and Longevity Studies Program, University of Iowa School of Social Work, and Csomay Center for Gerontological Excellence. We drew our inspiration for the Iowa Aging Summit from one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: “Quality Education to transform our world”—and we focused on exchanging information and ideas related to enriching the experience of older adulthood in Iowa, the USA, and the world through education across the lifespan. All sessions from the Iowa Aging Summit are available to view for free on our UI School of Social Work YouTube channel.