Graduate College Tuition Scholarships

These Scholarships are intended for graduate students who do  not hold graduate assistantships or have tuition support from their employer.

Preference will be given to students who: (1) are a first-generation college student (no parent has a bachelor's degree), (2) grew up in a low-income family (e.g., Pell eligible), (3) are graduating in the semester they are applying funds, and/or (4) had little or no previous funding from the Graduate College.  Students who are underrepresented minorities are encouraged to apply.

Graduate Assistantships

The School of Social Work offers graduate teaching assistantships for the fall and spring semesters of 2024-25. Some of these will be new appointments, while others may be renewed. Assistantship positions are quarter-time (10 hours per week) and are located in Iowa City unless otherwise indicated. Due to the uncertainty of state appropriations and departmental budgets at this time, some assistantships may not be filled or delayed in being filled until the positions can be funded.

Teaching assistants assist faculty with course instruction. We anticipate having at least 8 teaching assistantships available. Duties may include providing assistance in conducting library searches, test preparation, grading assignments and/or tests, lecture preparation, coordination of field or volunteer activities, and conducting review sessions. Qualifications include completion of prerequisite courses and the ability to communicate verbally and in writing. Some courses require more specific duties and/or qualifications. Detailed information for each teaching assistant position can be found in the Graduate Assistantship Positions Announcement document linked below. It is anticipated that the following courses/programs will have a teaching assistant assigned: Field Practicum Program; Social Justice and Social Welfare in the U.S.; Human Behavior in the Social Environment; Social Welfare Policy and Practice; Discrimination, Oppression, and Diversity; Social Work Processes; Introduction to Social Work Research; and the Aging and Longevity Studies Program.

The application deadline is March 18, 2024.  Completed applications and questions should be directed to Chuck Wieland, Administrator, electronically at

Graduate Assistantship Positions Announcement

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Graduate Assistantship Application

School of Social Work Scholarships

NOTE: Links to application forms will be provided when the application period opens.

Contact with questions about these scholarships.

ABCD Therapy Scholarship

The ABCD Therapy Scholarship in Social Work is to provide one or more annual scholarship(s) to Master of Social Work (MSW) students with lived refugee experience: defined as individuals who have been displaced from their home or who are unwilling to return home due to fear, war, natural disaster, persecution, or for other harmful reasons outside of their control. Find more information through the ABCD Therapy Scholarship Award form. 

Application Deadline: TBD

The Lorraine T. Dorfman Gerontological Social Work Award
A scholarship for PhD students who have demonstrated a commitment to gerontological research in social work. Incoming PhD students are eligible for up to three years of support. Current PhD students are eligible for one non-renewable award. 

Application Deadline: N/A,  By nomination only

Constance Swank Fund for Aging Research
Provides support to graduate students conducting applied research in aging, including but not limited to work in gerontology, geriatrics, public policy, communications, social sciences, or humanities. For more information, see the Constance Swank Fund form. 

Application Deadline: February 24, 2024

Callie Ann Hall Award in Social Work
Given annually to support a social work graduate student who is conducting research on chemical dependency: its impact, prevention, and treatment.  For more information, see the Callie Ann Hall Award in Social Work form.

Application Deadline: November 8, 2024

Christensen-Klein Scholarship
$1,000 award supports a graduate social work student who demonstrates merit and is in good academic standing.  For more information, see the Christensen-Klein Scholarship Award form.

Application Deadline: November 8, 2024

Lola Moeller Zook & Leslie G. Moeller Community Service Award
One annual award of up to $1,000 is made to an MSW student who is studying, is active in, or intends to pursue employment in the field of community service.  For more information, see the Lola Moeller Zook & Leslie G. Moeller Community Service Award form.

Application Deadline: November 8, 2024

Dianne Orton & Stephen Grant Orton Scholarship
Gives support to an MSW student entering their second year with an interest in medical social work, with special consideration given to a student doing their placement in UI Department of Pediatrics with an interest in pediatric asthma and/or allergies.  For more information, see the Dianne Orton @ Stephen Grant Orton Scholarship form.

Application Deadline: November 8, 2024

Janice Baumback Scholarship Award
Annual $1,000 award made to a second-year MSW student studying family counseling or mental health.  For more information, see the Janice Baumback Scholarship Award form.

Application Deadline: May 1, 2024

Mildred J. Snider Memorial Scholarship
One $1,000 annual award to help fund a graduate student for an internship in policy studies in an approved national public or private agency, or to support policy-related research.  For more information, see the Mildred J. Snider Memorial Scholarship form.

Application Deadline: November 8, 2024

John Craft Excellence in Research Award
This research award is made to honor the memory of John Craft, former Professor of Research at the School of Social Work. PhD students are eligible to receive this award to carry out a research project on children or families. Competition for the award is based on the quality of a proposed research project. For more information, see the John Craft Excellence in Research Award form.

Application Deadline: May 1, 2024

The Former Faculty Scholarship
Funded by memorial donations and other gifts made in honor of retiring faculty members and their contributions to the School.  Each year a $1,000 award is given to one graduate student. This scholarship considers academic excellence but also places an emphasis on supporting future-oriented students who have diverse experiences, cultures, and extracurricular activities.  For more information, see the Former Faculty Scholarship form.

Application Deadline: November 8, 2024

Other Scholarships

Miscellaneous Scholarship Opportunities