Required minimum hours for practicum 

  • BA Generalist Practicum: 400 hours for 8 credits 

  • Master’s Generalist Practicum: 300 hours for 3 credits 

  • Master’s Practicum with Clinical or Leadership Specialization: 300 hours for 3 credits (per semester); 600 hours total  

  • Elective credits of practicum must add hours as follows:  

    • BA Generalist Practicum elective credits: 1 credit hour = 50 placement hours 

    • MSW Specialist Practicum elective credits: 1 credit hour = 100 placement hours 

    • Students should discuss their plan of study with their advisor to determine if they need elective practicum credits 

Placement Search 

The Pomerantz Career Center provides high-quality resources and services to students, alumni, and employers. The following resources may be helpful to you as you navigate through the Placement Search process. 

Schedule an Appointment with an undergraduate Career Advisor: 
Interviewing Tips: 
Job Search and Resume Basics: 

The Grad Success Center supports graduate students’ professional, academic, and personal success during graduate school and beyond. Resources include Individual Development Plan forms for students and career consultations with graduate career advisors.  

Career exploration and planning support: 

Placement Timelines 

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