Motier F. Haskins, M.S.W.

Associate Professor of Instruction
Motier Haskins CV


My primary teaching goal is to help social work students develop an increased awareness of their values, interests, strengths, and motivations so that they are compassionate and effective practitioners, confidently represent their expertise in interprofessional work settings, and critically engage with complex social problems.

Wide Variety of Courses Taught

I have taught many different courses in the Iowa City and Des Moines Master’s in Social Work programs as well as the Iowa City Bachelor of Arts in Social Work program. Each of these locations has different cultures, different languages, and lifestyles, some are non-traditional students. Some are urban while others are rural. I’m often challenged with the necessity to adjust my teaching method to these different populations of students.

  1. Discrimination Oppression & Diversity
  2. Social Work Processes
  3. Foundation in Critical Cultural Competence
  4. Foundation Practicum Seminar
  5. Fundamentals of Social Work Practice
  6. Human Behavior in the Social Environment
  7. Integrative Seminar in Critical Cultural Competence
  8. Social Justice and Social Welfare
  9. Discrimination Oppression Diversity (Grad)
  10. Organization and Community Practice
  11. Integrated Theory and Practice
  12. Social Work Practice with Individuals Families & Groups
  13. Advanced Integrated Practicum Seminar
  14. Theory and Skills with Organization and Community Practice
  15. Social Economic Environmental Justice 1 & 2

Additionally, I have taught six cultural immersion/study abroad courses to India and four in the Dominican Republic/Haiti.

Pedagogical Approach

I create an active and inclusive learning environment, integrating ethical and social justice theory and tools for ethical reasoning. I provide a variety of opportunities for students to participate in classroom activities, responsive to a range of learning and communication styles. I am a mentee of the Brazilian educator Paulo Freire, author of Pedagogy of the Oppressed He writes “students are not empty vessels to be filled. They should be engaged to co-learn and engaged creatively. They should be encouraged into dialogue and to ask why.” (1970).  A strong internalized social justice understanding is essential for developing social workers. Early in my courses and lectures, I explain my intention to help students develop critical consciousness. The classroom becomes a space where we are colleagues working together to help each other in our development.

Research Interest

My research focuses on Islam, Islamophobia, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Training, Anti Racism and DEI Education in Social Work, Social Work Practice with Muslims, and DV in Muslim Communities. My work incorporates textual and literary studies, history, commentary studies, and also draws om comparative religious studies, and gender studies.



 (2021). The impact of the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI): Cultivating cultural humility among social work students. Social Work Education



(2017). Outcome findings of a certificate program in cultural competence. Journal of Ethnic & Cultural Diversity in Social Work, 28(3):1-20.


(2015). Cultural competence: A journey to an elusive goal. Journal of Social Work Education, 51(1): 19-34. Major Contribution. – Awarded 2016 Best Qualitative Article by the Council on Social Work Education

Research areas
  • Diversity and Social Justice
Motier Haskins
M.S.W., Social Work, Syracuse University
B.A., Political Science, Sociology, Long Island University
Contact Information

334 North Hall (NH)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States