Your cost to attend

Resident tuition is $626 per credit.

This applies to both residents of Iowa and residents of Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin applying to either the Sioux City or online MSW programs.

If you need nonresident tuition information for Iowa City or Des Moines, you can request it


Depending on the number of hours you take, Iowa graduate students pay a $145-290 technology fee. 

Graduate student funding

MSW students have access to both scholarship and graduate assistantship opportunities through the School of Social Work. All assistantships are located in Iowa City unless otherwise noted. Scholarships are intended for students who do not hold an assistantship or have tuition support from their employer.

Some student have a portion of their tuition reimbursed by their employer. Share with your organization or supervisor the learning outcomes associated with earning your MSW. 

As a military veteran or active-duty service member, you’re entitled to pay zero application fee. If you intend to use veteran’s education benefits, you can get assistance through the Office of GI Bill Services at 319-335-3895 or by emailing